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UPSonNet, a consulting and Power Protection information source launched recently an Uninterruptible Power Supply Products Directory, which enables buyers to see at a glance main manufacturer's systems, explore specifications, compare and contact relevant professional suppliers. UPSonNet reviewed buyer's ability to select on the Internet, an Online UPS for data center application in North American market, by considering main search and sales engines, as well as directories of manufacturers and suppliers. The review indicates that a buyer looking for information to enable performing a simple market research before purchasing a proper UPS is left, after spending hours on the Internet, with limited knowhow. Too tiny to make, or get a feeling, of reasonable and justified decision. To provide a solution, UPSonNet resolved to present on its website a directory of UPS syst... (more)

Uninterruptible Power Supply: Consider Required Watts Before Buying a UPS

UPS VA is the common figure used to appraise UPS Size. New computers, designed to comply with recent green oriented standards, feature input power factor correction which requires considering UPS Watt capacity when sizing a UPS.   Two figures Volt - Ampere (VA) and Watt (W) define Uninterruptible Power Supply capacity. Both should be above corresponding load requirements.  VA represents the total (sometimes called apparent) Power, derived simply by multiplying Main's Voltage by consumer's Current (Amperes). Watt figure represents the True power, required by the computer power sup... (more)

Uninterruptible Power Supply: Mind UPS Inverter Waveform

New servers, built  to meeet green oriented standards, use power supplies with Active Power Factor Correction circuits designed to work from sinusoidal input voltage. Most Standby and Line interactive UPS systems have a non sinusoidal UPS Inverter,  which works fine with conservative computer power supplies, but is prone to trip the new server's or UPS protectiong devices, when the utility fails and a non sinusoidal inverter, voltage is applied. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems provide output voltage either from the utility mains (line) or from backup batteries by means ... (more)

How to Select and Buy the Proper UPS to Protect Your Home Business or Small Office Computer

Selecting a proper Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for power protection of your personal computer home business or small office can be easily accomplished based on specifying the right UPS and implementing a smart shopping method.   UPS systems solve three basic problems:  Firstly they protect your computer from utility voltage deviations beyond permitted margin, and from hazardous phenomena associated by high voltage surges occurring during lightning, Power Transformers failures and grid distribution failures. Secondly they allow you to continue operation from UPS backup b... (more)

Online UPS: Boost Efficiency and Lower Cost with Eco Mode Operation

Off Line Uninterruptible Power Supplies ( UPS) systems, including  Line Interactive types are frequently preferred over Online types for small office or datacenter applications, justified on the basis of lower procuring and running costs, in spite of relatively poorer protection. This approach disregards existing differences between Online UPS systems, such as the ability, of certain online systems to operate in Economic (Eco) mode, which may offer better power protection at lower cost.   Simple Off Line UPS systems, connect the load directly to the input AC line. Line Interact... (more)